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3 boxes Growth Facilitation Pill for Women x 100 capsules


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For Women

x 100 capsules


* Help Growth

* Enhance Intellect

Base on Chinese folk nostrum and formulated with state of the art biotechnology, Growth Facilitation Pill boast double effectiveness in promoting juvenile growth and intelligence development. as a new and pure Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) preparation, this product incorporates scientific formula and unique production process, and enjoys high reputation among juveniles and parents.

Developmental retardation may easily occur during critical periods for juvenile growth and development mainly due to some congenital factors or acquired disposition such as lack of trace elements including zinc, etc. The product contains plenty of zinc, a trace element, which directly acts on pituitary, stimulates and adjusts secretion, synthesis and release of growth hormone, so to enhance metabolism, accelerate cell division and regeneration, promote swift growth of bones to the effect of helping juveniles grow taller.

TCM theory believes that human growth is greatly connected with kidney and spleen, and their depletion and vacuity heavily relates to maldevelopment. Subject to such theory, Growth Facilitation Pill distinguishes physiological differences between male and female, supplements both kidney and spleen, featuring an effective recipe fits both sexes.

Supplementing kidney and invigorating spleen, strengthening tendons and bones, increasing density of sclerotin, enhancing skeletal calcification growth and formation, facilitating children and juveniles in their intelligence development and helping them grow taller.


Emaciation with sallow complexion, microsoma, maldevelopment, feeble mindedness, poor memory, developmental retardation etc., due to congenital deficiencies and postnatal dystrophy, food preference, anorexia, dyspepsia, malnutrition after illness.

Dosage and Administration:
To be taken orally with lukewarm water (avoiding strong tea)
below 8 years old: 1 pill 2x a day
8-12 years old: 2 pills 2x a day
12-24 years old: 3pills 3x a day

Ingredients: for MALE
Zinc Notoginseng 40%
Licorice 10%
Ginseng 10%
Rhizoma Chuanxiong 5%
Cooked Radix Rehmanniae 5%
Astagalus 10%

Specifications: 100 capsules per bottle
Storage: keep on cool and dry place

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