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3 boxes DK Asthma Cure Capsule x 30 capsules


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New Generation Cure Medicament

The Essence of Pure Natural Plant

Historically, diseases of respiratory system, such as chronic bronchitis, asthma etc., have been considered chronic and stubborn diseases by lung experts worldwide. Medical experts of all times have a saying about chronic bronchitis that it is disease that “neither kills nor gets cured”; people even say that “a wise doctor chooses not to try to cure asthma”. Though modern medical science has made significant development on researches on this field, present treatment for respiratory diseases still embraces the principle of anti-inflammation, cough relief, anti-asthma and anti-allergy. As a result, though obvious effects can be seen soon, the diseases remain difficult to get completed treated and keep reoccurring. The treatments are still alleviating rather than facilitating complete cure.

According to western medical science, chronic bronchitis and asthma are caused by the invasion of bacteria, viruses and physical substances into the bronchus and air sacs, causing property changes in the bronchus, decrease in the resilience, causing swells in the air sacs and the surrounding tissues and increase in the residue in the air sacs, which develop into emphysema. The arteriola and small veins in the surrounding areas are further damaged. According to the Chinese medical science, chronic diseases bring harms to the lung and the spleen. Spleen deficiency causes inabilities to digest food in order to provide sufficient nutrition for the kidneys. Kidney deficiency in turn brings short breath, abnormal rising of vital energy and cold limbs. In views of this, a number of famous lung experts and researchers have been conducting in-depth studies in their on-going clinical practices in order to identify effective treatment for diseases of this kind. Based on abundant fundamental and theoretical researches in both Chinese and western medical sciences, they hold that these disease are more than just inflammatory problems, but symptoms of deficiency and coldness. More importantly, they are caused by a series of unbalanced body metabolism. Accordingly, there raised a new opinion that the solution should be a combination of “palliating treatment for the lung and ultimate treatment for the spleen and kidney.”

Based on this new guideline, medical experts have relied on the abundant treasures house of Chinese medicine to search for ingredients of pure natural medicine. With numerous tests and laboratory work, they have produced the Asthma Cure Capsule. Instead of focusing on anti-inflammation, cough relief and anti-asthma, it emphases nourishing the human body energy, tonifying the spleen and kidney, promoting blood circulation and Qi, while at the same time relieving asthma. As a result; it has the effects of balancing the functions of various internal organs, balancing Yin and Yang, improving resistance to diseases, thus completely cure the diseases. This product helps to remove the toxic substances in the bronchus and mend the damaged mucous membrane. While relating and improving the immunity of human body, it helps to relieve coughs and asthma, nourish the lung and remove sputum. The product has been tested with thousands of patients, and the clinical experience shows an effective rate of 97.04%, putting an end to the impression that chronic bronchitis incurable.

[Administration] Effective for acute and chronic bronchitis, asthma, bronchiectasis, intermittent pneumonia, emphysema and other lung and heart diseases.

[Main ingredients] Wild Lingzhi, loquat, lily, autumn pear, almond, saxifrage, fructus momordicae, calcium lactate, liquorice.

[Instruction] Twice a day; 1-2 capsules each time; to be taken after breakfast and supper.

[Specification] 30 capsules per bottle.

[Storage] To be kept air-tight in cool and dry place.



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