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12 boxes DK Guzhenning Specific Spur-cure Tablet x 100 tablets


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x 100 tablets

Hyperosteogeny is a common and frequent occurring chronic disease, which in fact is a king of regressive pathological change, also called spur. It can constrict soft tissues, causing congestion, edema, inflammation and even spinal deformation, leading to human waist-bending and kyphos and great pains to patients. Modern medicine generally thinks that the cause of spur stems from the weak physique and degressive pathological change after human middle age; in standing or walking for long or keeping a tearing, bleeding and blood-swelling organism, and also due the spur’s mechanic stimulation to soft tissues and the injure, bleeding and swelling of soft tissues after trauma.

The traditional Chinese medicine holds that this disease mostly comes from qi-blood dual deficiency, liver-kidney yin deficiency, wind-cold and damp pathogen in bones, or injures from falls, fractures, contusions and strains which result in qi-blood stagnation, irregular organism and pains without circulation. So the disease should be treated via tonifying the kidney to strengthen the bones, activating blood and resolving stasis, relieving swelling, soothing tendons and harmonizing collateral, etc. This product is condensed and extracted according to the prescription in the traditional Chinese medicine and true medicinal materials. It is proven clinically that the product has apparent efficiency of tonifying the kidney, reliving blood, removing inflammation and stopping pains while improving metabolism, repairing the degraded bones and prevent hyperosteogency. Taking this product features immediate magic effects on the clinic symptoms and organic obstacles such as pains and numbness. Compared with operation, the curative effect lies in the fact that it brings neither pains to patients (which are unavoidable via scalped) nor the doubt of exciting the spur to grow. Orally taken for long, the product can restore deformed spine slowly and control the spur growth.

[Clinic curative effect]: Clinically treating 1000 cases of hyperosteogency and degressive rachitis, with the shortest illness period as 22 days and the longest as 18 years. Average effective treating period as 1-2 months and the longest as 6 months. Total effective rate at 94.9%, without any side effect.

[Study on pharmacology]: This prescription mainly consists of fox glove, tonifying yin in the kidney; Herba Epinmedii reliving yang in kidney; Herba Cistanchis, culturing the kidney and marrow; Rhizoma Drynarie and Herba Pyrolae, tonifying and stopping pains; addition of Caulis Spatholobi, stimulating menstrual discharge and activating blood and strengthening bones; addition of Semen Raphani, strengthening the stomach, promoting digestion and relieving distension to prevent fat. The study on pharmacology shows that this product has good functions of resisting inflammation and stopping pains, controlling the hyperplasia and effusion of inflammation granuloma.

[Functions]: Tonifying essential qi and marrow, strengthening waist and kidney, strengthening the muscles and bones, stimulating menstrual discharge and stopping pains. Used to treat hypertrophic osphyitis caused by hyperosteogeny, degressive osphyitis, cervical spine syndrome, hyerosteogeny of limb bones and odtesarthrosis deformans endemic etc.

[Application/Dosage]: Twice a day, 4 tablets each time. Taking after meal with warm water with on month as a course of treatment. Stop taking while suffering from cold or high fever until getting well.

[Composition of prescription]: Fox glove 204g; Herba Epimedii 136g; Herba Cistanchis 136g; Rhizoma Drynariac 136g; Herba Pyrolae 136g; Caulis Spatholobi 136g; Semen Raphani 86g

[Package]: 100 tablets each bottle

[Storage]: Close, keep in cool and dry place



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