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1 tub Dorlene Herbal Firming Bust Cream x 100 g


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w/ Ginseng and Pueraria

x 100 g


Dorlene Herbal Firming Bust Cream consists of protein rich collagen, ginseng extract, Pueraria Mirifica Extract and Vitamin E. The Firming bust cream is effective for firming, strengthening and adding volume to your breasts while keeping your skin naturally white, sof and smooth. Leaving your breast feeling stronger, finer and fuller.

INGREDIENTS: Di Water, Stearic Acid, Glyceryl Stearate (and) PEG-100 Stearate, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Vitamin B3, Propylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol (and) Methylparaben (and) Ethylparaben (and) Propylparaben (and) Butylparaben (and) Isobutylparaben, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Pueraria Mirifica Extract, Vitamin E Acetate, Ginseng Extract, Fragrance

DIRECTIONS: After shower, apply the cream onto your breast area twice a day in the morning and evening. Then gently massge for 5 minutes until it is fully absorbed.

Pueraria Mirifica Extract

Clinically Proven Effective!

Doctor Approved & Recommended!

100% Natural - 100% Safe! And Effective!

Helps the Body release it's own natural hormones to Increase Breast Size!!

Helps to increase breast size naturally!!

Helps Firm and Shape Breasts!!

Dorlene Pueraria Herbal Lift-Up bust Gel consists of special herbal extract (Pueraria Mirifica) with Moisturizer, and Bio-Collagen. This exclusive treatment has been formulated to replenish and nourish bust to become firmer, lift up, and fuller. At the same time make your skin clean, soft, and smooth, completely natural-good looking bust. Dorlene Pueraria Herbal Lift-Up bust Gel is definitely the perfect alternative to harmful drugs and surgery for breast enlarging. This herbal gel can easily penetrates deep into the outer layers of the breast in order to increase the appearance of breast tissue, developing a new, satisfying feeling of fullness without irritation at all. Its unique formulation is quickly absorbed without leaving an oily film, making the breast stronger, while keeping the skin soft and smooth. Best way to Enlarge Breasts without an operation...

Firms breasts, Rejuvenates the body and keeps the body lively, Anti-menopausal syndrome, Relieves menopausal disorder, Possesses anti-aging properties, Stimulates blood circulation, Reduces wrinkles and freckles, Nourishes skin condition, especially around the breasts, Increases energy and vigor leading to more reflexive bodily movement.


How likely is it that "Dorlene Pueraria Herbal Lift-Up bust Cream" will work for me?

Most women experience a significant increase in size and firmness in their breasts from using it. The most drastic results are often reported from women with “A” and “B” cup sizes. These women frequently describe having gained one and two full cup sizes from only a few short months of use.

This advanced bust enhancing formula has no negative side effects, and will quickly stimulate the growth of new breast tissue while firming and tightening. Regardless of your age, size or physical condition, you will see amazing results the very first month- guaranteed!

You can expect to see one to three inches added to your bust line- one to two cup sizes in no time at all! Maximum results- up to three cup sizes- can be achieved in as little as six to nine months, and the new tissue will not diminish with discontinued use. Your clothes and bathing suits will finally fit like you've always wanted them to!

Am I too old/young to benefit from Dorlene Pueraria Herbal Lift-Up bust Gel?

Dorlene Pueraria Herbal Lift-Up bust Gel is designed as a safe and effective formula for girls and women of all ages. Women who have had children may also appreciate the 'restorative' actions of the product. Studies regarding the ingredients in the product concluded with the following observations:

Results for Young Girls ages 17 to 21: In teenage girls positive results occur sooner than other age groups studied. Significant improvements in breast tissue mass have been reported as early as the third month. Nearly all reported some improvement after 60 days.

Results for Young Women ages 22 to 35: This age group experienced the greatest improvement overall of uplifting and smoothing of wrinkled areas - usually within the first 90 days of use. Many women also reported a significant reduction in stretch marks.

Results for Adult Women ages 36 to 55: This age group reported slower, but overall greater, long-term results than other age groups. There were few women in this age group who reported noticeable improvements in tissue mass or uplifting in the first thirty to sixty days. However, during the following months (months three to six) dramatic results were reported by nearly all.

Results for Mature Women ages 56 and up: Women in this age group were shown to be the most receptive to pituitary gland stimulation. It is thought that this post-menopausal age group has the lowest levels of natural estrogens and other tissue growth promoting hormones. Therefore, the introduction of key ingredients resulted in the best overall results for all ages tested. There were few, if any, reports of miraculous results in the first five to six month period. However, nearly all were very pleased with the overall improvements especially in firming and wrinkle reduction.

What to expect?

Week 1-3: Your breasts will begin to feel fuller and 'tingly' as the breast enhancer begins to work.

Week 4-8: You will by now experience breast enhancement as an overall increase in size and firmness occurs. Your breasts will feel heavier and more curvaceous.

Week 9-12: Breast enlargement will have taken place and in many cases you will need to increase the cup-size of your bra by week 9 of the program. Your breasts will have fullness and firmness to them and you will feel completely different in your clothes. People will notice the difference. Many will think you have had them surgically altered.

What is Big UP Breast Made From?

Big UP Breast is made from Pure, Very Safe Natural Herbs and Compounds.

How Do you Use Big UP Breast?

Simply apply Big UP Breast to your Breasts in a massaging upward circular motion until the cream is all worked into your Breasts. Apply Big UP Breast twice a day -- Once in the morning & Once at night before bed.

How Effective is Big UP Breast?

When Used Correctly Big UP Breast is very strong and effective. After the 3 months you should SEE a noticable difference in the size of your breasts.

How Will I know Big UP Breast is Woking?

Right from the very first application you may feel a "tingly" sensation in your Breasts. This indicates an increase in nerve impulses, blood flow, hormone production and especially tissue growth. Then after several weeks, you should begin to actually SEE a difference! Keep Using it for a BIG difference.

Will Others Notice a Difference?

Yes - Your friends will notice a deference in you. You will hear pleasant comments about your appearance. Some of your friends may think that you had your Breasts altered Surgically.

Is Big UP Breast Safe?

It is very safe. 100% pure. 100% natural. Big UP Breast is 1000s of times safer than Surgery. No matter how advanced, all surgeries run a risk of infection, complications, and even death. That's why the doctor will have you sign a medical release before surgery. This is just in case there are any problems during surgery.


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