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1 set White Pricess White Henna 250grams & White Princess Soap Chips 250grams


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White Princess

White Henna & Soap Chips




White Pricess White Henna 250grams

White Princess Soap Chips 250grams


**Body Bleaching Formula**

White Princess White Henna = 12 tablespoonfuls

White Princess Soap Chios = 4 tablespoonfuls

Hydrogen Peroxide Vol. 10 = 20ml

Calamansi Extract = 2 tablespoonfuls

Eggwhite = 2 pieces

Ammonia = 6 drops

**Face Bleaching Formula**

White Princess White Henna = 3 tablespoonfuls

White Princess Soap Chios = 1 tablespoonfuls

Hydrogen Peroxide Vol. 10 = 5ml

Calamansi Extract = 1 tablespoonfuls

Eggwhite = 1 pieces Evaporated Milk = 1 teaspoonful

How to Mix:

1. In a plastic Bowl, mix the ingredients above one at a time while stirring. Do not use metallic spoon or container in mixing.

2. Continuously stir in one direction until a creamy like melted ice cream consistency is achieved.

3. Apply to body parts lightly and evenly, from neck to toe.

4. Leave the mixture on body for 30 minutes or until it gets dry.

5. A slight itchiness may be felt during the 30 minutes drying, which is a normal reaction.

6. Rinse well with lukewarm water to allow the skin's pores to open and absorb mositure. Towel Dry.

7. Follow up with Witening Lotion for whiter, softer skin.


1. Adjust the quantity of the ingredients according to size of the body part.

2. Always apply the mixture within an hour after the formula has been mixed.

3. Bleaching mixture is not recommended for person with sensitive and dry skin.

4. Always apply a moisturizer after bleaching the face to avoid further drying of the skin.

5. Do not store remaning mixture for future use.

6. Do not add ammonia when bleaching the face.

7. Do not leave misture on face or body for more than 45 minutes.

Product of: EKV Marketing Inc. Sucat, Paranaque, Philippines


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