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1 box Slimming Tea Bitter CLT 3 g x 20 bags / box


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3 g x 20 bags / box


100% pue nature – Health

High pure degree

Bei Yan Baokang clear fat diet tea is bitter from bitter melon extract the very life of the component elements – high clear resin, which is momordicin (RPA). Bitter in the “high clear Lignans” The discovery of the Western countries, weight loss occurred in historic turning point, such as the “Fat Killer” and special effects elements to make the fat intake of sugar by 40% - 60%. Experiments confirmed confirmed that the composition of a milligram daily doses, can prevent the absorption of 100 grams of fat, thin waist and make as much 2 mm, if the daily doses of “high clear Lignans” 2 – 4 mg, then 30 days, the most conservative estimate is eating the food there is 12 – 24 pounds of the fat is not absorbed by the body, and stored in the waist, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, etc. have 6 – 14 pounds of fat is broken down for the body.

[Main ingredients]: Momordin, cassia seed, hawthorn extract.

[Usage and Dosage]: Who generally tale half an hour after breakfast you can drink a small bag; want to achieve fast weight loss, and late Half an hour after a meal and then drink a small bag. With 250 ml boiling water for 2 – 3 minutes, repeated 2 – 3 times brewing.

[Specification]: 3g / bags x 20 bags

[Shelf Life]: 24 months

[Publisher]: times Zikang Guangzhou Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

[Address]: room 43, No. 48 Dapian Raod, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

[Tel.]: 4000 – 629 - 628

[Production license No.]: Q/SKB0005S - 2012

[Executive standard]: SP4213021010006531

[Production]: Suizhou Wansong Church K.H. Health Products Co., Ltd.

[Address]: Hubei Suizhou Economic Development Zone Kang


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